Say Whaaat? A Communication with Plants

I wish I knew how a translator’s mind works. I am sure practicing has a lot to do with the ease of deciphering one language from another, then repeating it in a different tongue. It took me awhile to figure out what was going on when another voice popped into my thoughts. As a child, it was considered an active imagination but there was something so real about the sensation. Sesame Street was (is) real, there were adults interacting with Muppets. It makes sense that all things want to be heard, they have something to say. Why couldn’t other things have a voice? The plant kingdom is alive by many scientific properties, right? Communication can happen in several unique ways, right?

A few years ago I was gardening, on our non-manicured property. While trimming a 40+ year old holly bush, I thought to myself, “Wonder if the plant minds? Wonder how long it hurts for when it’s cut?”.  As effortlessly as I enquired, a voice came back to me, “Don’t mind, just don’t rip and tear.” Well, duh, that makes sense, “Sure” I thought in response cause it seemed fair enough. I will pay more attention to how I prune and cut, “agreed”, I agreed.

Say Whaaat! Wait a minute… what just happened?

Yep, I started to freak out a little. Anyone watching me would not realize the immediate concern because it simply would have looked like I put down my clippers and stood up to take a break and admire my pruning work. I remembered turning 21 in college and finding great relief from my psych 101 notes about mental illness. I did hear a voice, that was not my own. It was the voice of the holly bush. I am not a child anymore and it’s not my imagination. The holly plant communicated with me! I had translated what it wanted to convey to me per the mental question I asked.

Now I go around letting people know not to rip and tear the plants when cutting or pruning, just snip clean through. Sometimes I tell them how I know this information (what I just shared with you) and other times I mention it’s what I learned when I was working for the local nursery. Either way, I hope the plant kingdom continues it’s open communication, we just need to be still and listen.

Part 3: Hallelujah

What followed was about 20 minutes of singing various versions of hallelujah. Sound is a fantastic way to bring things (all inclusive word) to a neutral level of vibration or raises it higher. Since sound is vibration, turning audible waves into sweet and pleasant noises draws others in to hear its beauty. I learned and tested out various pitches while remembering my grammar school choral days for sustainability of a note. The song does not matter as much as the sound, OM and AH seem to be the ones that work the best to balance ones body and space/area. Nope, not going to be appearing on American Idol anytime soon or cut a record or even offer a demo… just not worrying if it’s not good enough, for anyone else to hear. Sing, sing a song.

As I was completing the job I was hired to do, I realized I needed to contact the homeowner and give them some information on the job I was compelled to do. A few paragraphs in an Email aught to do the trick.

“… The other reason for my Email is of a metaphysical one. As you know I tend to “pick up” on various things and always felt when I was cleaning houses I was doing more than wiping down furniture. There is a practice called house clearing were pockets of unbeneficial energy is removed and replaced with love. Kind of like how some houses feel more homey than others or when you go to a house you notice a happier vibe to it, you want to stay and forget about watching the clock counting the minutes till you can leave.

Because of my beliefs I’ve come to understand our homes are a reflection of who we are and what we are personally going through. Including what and who we encounter during our days that may be brought home with us. The point I would like to make is, I did pause during the cleaning of your house today to conduct a form of house clearing. I was getting an uncomfortable feeling and knew that you would benefit from lifting some of the heaviness from your beautiful home.

So, I do hope your house feels better and looks better to you in all aspects 🙂 If you would like to talk more about this, of course I am willing and able. I’m just not sure how much you would like to talk about it or how much you wanted to know but had to bring it to your attention because it was a strong feeling I felt impelled to address it today.”

We have shared a few Emails back and forth since then. They are wonderful people with a home in a lovely part of the state. I hope to talk to them about further protection for the house and wait for that invitation. I won’t push my beliefs on others and am cautious about what I say out loud explaining what I’m feeling or seeing. This stuff isn’t for everyone and I respect that.

Yes, I See You: A Continuation

Now that it (best word to use at the moment) had my attention I needed to take some type of action in order for it not to affect me or come home with me. What was missing from the house clearing was the owners permission… I don’t like to do metaphysical things without getting consent first. My general default is, if it’s an emergency it is OK to continue, regardless. This situation was close enough to flashing red lights and since I knew the owners of the house I was more comfortable with preceding. Also I planned to tell the homeowner (3rd part to the story) about what I was experiencing and did, making the ordeal more acceptable to my conduct code rules.

I’ve learned over the years when dealing with the unseen world, you have to be smarter than what you are dealing with. One of my sources for advice is the color series, Andrew Lang’s Fairy Books and tend to reflect on the tales for assistance. I believe there are reasons myths, lore and rituals have stayed in circulation as long as they have. These ancient stories serve as a type of handbook for many things macabre or otherwise. Using my learned knowledge in conjunction with experiences, was what I was drawing from at this point. The entity was acting in a way to be disruptive, making sure I knew it was around (which is kind of like looking to pick a fight) coupled with presenting itself to my mind’s eye as a cute adult Jim Henson creation. This mixture developed quickly into a situation needing to be addressed presently and not dismissed for another time. Another “red light” was I had 2 more hours left in the cleaning job and I was not going to share the space any longer with this thing.

I began setting the intention for all that is unbeneficial to leave (typical in house clearing practices) and quickly realized I needed to call on another person for help. I believe it is very important to listen to your gut’s instinct while conducting energy work and wasn’t going to brush this feeling off. I left a message on my allies Facebook page as a heads up instead of physically calling, it was early and I didn’t want to bother her. Any type of communication is good, it all depends on the level of support desired, the FB wall post was good enough. There is something called a higher self and that connection was made quickly between us but I wanted to make sure her physical self knew of the task at hand for good balance. A few minutes later she replied on FB. Since I knew she was awake, I physically called her… I needed more support than I thought a moment ago. “Trust your gut and listen to those inner voices” is the pep cheer I was not ignoring. The phone call would make the bond stronger, power in numbers you know plus the camaraderie would help me be more courageous.


We talked on the phone for about 20 minutes. A few minutes was on house clearing, confirming what I was picking up on and her* concurring with the remaining minutes being typical women chatting on the phone. Yep, feather dusting, talking and ushering out bad juju was all done during that time. Multi tasking is a favorite past time of mine, ha. Energy work does not need to be all arm waving and long elaborate theatrical productions. In other words, not giving anymore attention to it but continuing with a mental removal for the house is fine. There were two of us, aware that it needed to “go to the light and leave” was understood plus we have been doing this type of stuff for years, simple enough. We ended our conversation, said goodbye and I finished dusting the first floor while continuing with some extra mental house clearing. I wanted to make sure I covered the bases and didn’t miss anything.

Now to finish my job, what I was called over to accomplish. Grabbed my cleaning basked and headed up to the second floor. As I was climbing the stairwell the uneasy feeling started again. “You have got to be kidding me!” I said out loud… well maybe that wasn’t a direct quote but close enough, ha! Making sure of what I was picking up with my psychic senses, I spent about 10 minutes (while physically cleaning) double checking things and tapping deeper into what I was contending with. I realized we had removed the gate keeper, not very comforting regarding how big this thing was. There were two crystal clear choices before me, either leave (not exactly the Amityville GET OUT! but a distant cousin) or cure the situation, now. This explained why I got the internal “green light” from the get-go to treat the day with an emergency waver stamped approved. A word to the wise, don’t ignore your instincts in many situations. You are smart enough to tap in and listen to advice coming from a higher loving source, don’t let it get to a third and fourth whisper, act sooner than later.

Remember how I just got through writing about stereotypical theatrics? Well, that’s the next mandatory level. I’m much more comfortable doing house clearings solo because I never know what I’m going to be guided to do. I was hoping to bypass the arm waving but to be honest, it is necessary to become animated for a stronger affect based on the set intention. I attempt to dispel the Hollywood stereotypical depiction of ghost busting and anything that paints healing abilities in a negative, uneducated way. Practice is the key for just about anything actually, the more you do, the better you become and more prepared for different situations. Remember how I mentioned folk lore? Well, that stuff isn’t as untrue as one might expect. A cloak will help protect the individual from negativity, a tool to direct or assist in the task and voice, spells if you will. These are my three main have to haves when conducting (think for a moment what makes up a an orchestra’s performance magnificent). Since I set out to do something totally different from why I had to do now. I needed to create an altered reality, use my imagination like I did when I was a child.


I knew when the time was right (because of listening to my gut) dropped what I was doing and gravitated to a place on the second floor that was perfect for the clearing. I went over with a smirk because it happened to be the house’s balcony. As I walked to my mark, I pretended I was emerging from my dressing room and cloaked myself with a majestic cape made from the finest material, bedazzled in all the right places. I needed to “Elvis” the situation because it was a go grand or go home situation. The ritual of calling on all of those who are of light and love, my guardians, saints, ascended masters, guardian angels, ancestors and asking for assistance was underway. A few more steps and it was show time, focused concentration and energetically opening up in a way to ensure the proper script to come through. For me, it’s very much like a lecture of sorts. I’m carful to make eye contact with everyone, speak in a clear strong voice and believe in the message being presented. No, I don’t recall what I said for the five minutes for several reasons but it was similar to, “Hello and welcome, thank you for joining me today. We are here to move out what is unbeneficial so the homeowners can dwell  with relaxation and happiness. I command those that are not of love to go into the light to find peace, a peace to bring joy to you so the homeowners can live their lives without disturbances.” I tend to repeat the original sentiments in various ways depending on what is noticed psychically adding in some physical gestures for good measure. The closing happens with blessings along with hugs and kisses to those who helped. This is my favorite part because the feeling of love is overwhelming for me, such a pleasure and honor on my part. I am forever in awe and grateful for this sensation.

*A cat named “K” was another party involved in the concurring for the continuation for ghost-busting. Yes, only initials for now, I’ll add a link once my friend starts her blog on WP with her furry daughter. They are a dynamic duo for sure!

You wanted my attention?

I’m in the process of ending the cleaning business I started in 2001 to seek another source of income. While I’m in between (aka jobless), one of my regular clients asked if I could stop by and clean her house, since she has not replaced me yet. Happy to pick up some spending money while I scan the want ads, I agreed to a routine clean, like the old days.

As I’m vacuuming, I hear some type of rapping at the front door’s side window… at least I thought it was coming from that direction. The vac is one of those central units meaning the loudness of the motor was not interfering with my hearing and guessing. I turned off the vacuum and tilted my body to see if there was a delivery person dropping something off. Perhaps they saw me and knocked instead of ringing the door bell? Nope, no one. Either way, I don’t answer doors or phones while I’m working because if it was important to the homeowner, they would let me know ahead of time (this had become a time tested rule I’ve put into play over the years of operation). I turned the vac back on and continued with the kitchen floor while thinking, “What was that?”. I’ve come very familiar with what causes what sound and kept on coming up empty. Then the creepy feeling started up.

I went to the front door and looked around to see if a UPS truck was pulling away or something was left by the stoop. Another attempt to sleuth out the cause of the sound. Nothing. Then the visuals started happening.

Guess now would be a good time to give you a bit more background on myself. There tends to be that typical start that goes, “As a child, I always knew there was something different about me from the other kids…” Let me now jump right to the present (leaving other stories to blog about) by saying, “In my adulthood, I have a better understanding of metaphysical things. Over the past 20 years, the opportunities to read material on spirits, participate in workshops on psychic phenomenon, find people who have sixth sense abilities and develop my own gifts (think I would rather find a synonym for gift but it will have to do for now) has created quite a dynamic in my life.”