You wanted my attention?

I’m in the process of ending the cleaning business I started in 2001 to seek another source of income. While I’m in between (aka jobless), one of my regular clients asked if I could stop by and clean her house, since she has not replaced me yet. Happy to pick up some spending money while I scan the want ads, I agreed to a routine clean, like the old days.

As I’m vacuuming, I hear some type of rapping at the front door’s side window… at least I thought it was coming from that direction. The vac is one of those central units meaning the loudness of the motor was not interfering with my hearing and guessing. I turned off the vacuum and tilted my body to see if there was a delivery person dropping something off. Perhaps they saw me and knocked instead of ringing the door bell? Nope, no one. Either way, I don’t answer doors or phones while I’m working because if it was important to the homeowner, they would let me know ahead of time (this had become a time tested rule I’ve put into play over the years of operation). I turned the vac back on and continued with the kitchen floor while thinking, “What was that?”. I’ve come very familiar with what causes what sound and kept on coming up empty. Then the creepy feeling started up.

I went to the front door and looked around to see if a UPS truck was pulling away or something was left by the stoop. Another attempt to sleuth out the cause of the sound. Nothing. Then the visuals started happening.

Guess now would be a good time to give you a bit more background on myself. There tends to be that typical start that goes, “As a child, I always knew there was something different about me from the other kids…” Let me now jump right to the present (leaving other stories to blog about) by saying, “In my adulthood, I have a better understanding of metaphysical things. Over the past 20 years, the opportunities to read material on spirits, participate in workshops on psychic phenomenon, find people who have sixth sense abilities and develop my own gifts (think I would rather find a synonym for gift but it will have to do for now) has created quite a dynamic in my life.”

8 thoughts on “You wanted my attention?

  1. As the words to an old song go, “Don’t leave me like this, don’t leave me stranded. Don’t leave me like this, leave me empty-handed.” Where’s the end to the tale – the source of the creepy feeling? What happened next???

    See what a good job you’ve done at hooking your reader?

  2. Ha Fay, you are very kind. Actually I’m working on the second part now, it will be posted “soon”. I’ve started WP for a few reasons and one of those is to share my experiences with others with hopes of us all growing and learning from the event. You, Me, Them… everybody, everybody (now I got the Blues Brothers song in my head, wink) Thanks for your interest πŸ™‚

  3. Thanks for your comment πŸ™‚
    I wanted to break up the story so it wouldn’t be a long read. Also I can get my feet wet in segments and figure out what happens when I press this button! Tricky stuff to write about when the audience is filled with all types of believers.

  4. I’ve been an intuitive reader and medical intuitive reader for 20 years now. What I’ve found is that you can receive information in pretty much any form you like if you train your focus. I tried ’em all and decided to stick with clairvoyance because it’s quietest. Sudden sounds freak me out.

    Reading tip: information is vibrational and ubiquitous and people are like radios picking up the signal of it. You having utter control over the tuning of your own radio. Wherever you are vibrating in mood and thought is what you are going to pick up, hands down, case closed. You can change what’s playing any time.

    I regularly turn down requests to find lost items and diagnose illnesses now because I “don’t wanna go there.” That’s not a station I like to listen to anymore. Instead, I instruct people how to come up here where I am and not lose stuff in the first place…or find something even better.

  5. Yes, the more practice with ones self, the more abilities along with quality control is in play. Sometimes the walls, so to speak, get breached. I fine this to happen quicker when a matter is urgent or the person/place is important to me.

    I have a few years under my belt too. Actually stepped away from a hospice situation because I was uncomfortable. First time in 3 years with hospice were I did not want to be a part of a patient. Told my advisor others may not be as sensitive and for a volunteering gig… no thank you.

    I appreciate your advice along with tips. Glad you are in the drivers seat, a much more comfortable place to be when tuning in the radio.

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