Why Should I Own a Wand?

The base of this wand is a White Sage stem

This is a question I get asked a lot from people and I hesitate because the answer varies from minute to minute,  person to person. To put it simply, a wand is an extension of who you are and what you can be. They are great for making wishes and getting your point across with gusto. If you think of it, when someone is talking and begins to point they are adding physical punctuation to their story. A finger wag equals more emphasis on what is spoken. Presenters behind a podium are asked to hold down their index finger with the thumb to control their natural wand, I mean to eliminate pointing at anyone. Substitute a wand for that finger and watch out people a  bold statement is directed your way, resonating in every direction.

Another reason to own a wand is for support. I turn to my wands for courage and confidence in many matters. I have various sized wands all created with different intentions. As the days go by the wands get stronger and wiser just like someone who is learning, wanting to improve with every day that goes by. There are several wands I have crafted for myself and several I have given as gifts along with consigning some. All are unique, even those that seem to be similar in color or structure have a different feeling about them, kind of like the way good family and friends are.

I’ve developed a wand making workshop, none of those are quite the same either. The amazement and joy I get from hosting a workshop or adorning a tree branch is something to be experienced. I’ve give descriptions for advertising and have worked on signage for displays but it really is something to participate in to get the full understanding of owning a wand. There is a journey that happens specific for the individual while a relationship is wrapped around what appears to be an inanimate object. A bond is formed before a base is chosen and stone beads are picked out. The action of creating the wand weaves magic, mixing joy and surprise. The finished product is very personal because a lot of who you are and what you want to become and accomplish is what the wand has become an extension of yourself.

13 thoughts on “Why Should I Own a Wand?

  1. Never thought about using a wand. I have a friend who disarms people who are threatening by barking at them as a large dog would. It is unexpected, so it throws the assailant off guard. It gives my friend time to make his getaway. I’ll have to consider how I would use a wand.

  2. Awesome. Thanks for sharing your gift of wand making for us all to think and be about. I have thought of all my paint brushes as wands I can See them create any thing right before my eyes.. ohmmmm

  3. rawberto, you are my sign that I should be writing more about the wands. I was just thinking today (honestly) I could go into more detail with the stones I imbue them with. It’s been awhile since I’ve written and was mentally searching for something to add to my blog. Your post proved to me expanding on the topic of wands is a good idea. Thank you

    I also wanted to agree to your magical paint brushes. In my opinion, anything that is a channel for intention is classifiable as a wand. Happy that you recognized your long slender friends and utilize the magic.

  4. Thank you. Please tell us more about Wands and what Crystals and rocks do.
    Brushes are long for that reason. The hairs move with energy if used just right. Being able to slow my self down to witness the creation of each moment is how painting helps to get into the now dimension.
    Your timing is bang on for me, Looking forward to your sharing. Ohmmm Rawberto

  5. I haven’t forgotten about your request, just working on the post in my mind first. I’ll have something up before the end of June either about rocks or wands.

  6. Though I do accept that organic materials can help focus our energy, which is why I like playing acoustic instruments, my “wand” is plastic and contains batteries. I point it at the TV, press it in the correct ways, and “teaching stories” are magically displayed on the monitor.

    I’m enjoying reading your articles!

  7. You should own a wand because that wand is just cool. I want one. If a wand is an extension of me, what is it made of? Is there a snark wood? I like your posts. Looks like this blog could be an interesting writing reference. 🙂

  8. Sorry no snark wood… but I know of Rabbitbrush that might fit the bill. Thinking it’s a connection to your blog name and it’s one of the first flora to come after a fire. Kind of like snarking at a powerful element, that Rabbitbrush is.

    During one of the wand making workshops I held at my house, the teenage girl that attended finished crafting her wand and promptly stuck it into her sock (sheath). That action, in my opinion, reflected her personality where she is always thinking and ready for action! Many ways to interpret extensions of ourselves.

  9. Delightful May the wand be with you. 🙂

    Thanks for dropping by photo blog. It is much appreciated.
    I have been exploring the realms of folklore, faerie tales and archetypes on my Implied Spaces blog. You may find those posts of interest, in particular
    ” Implied Spaces: Skinning the Wolf 1″ and “Snow White – The Other Side”

    They explore the rituals of self knowledge, while re-imagining aspects of these two well known tales.

  10. Thank you, fun pun too!

    Yes, myth, lore, religion, all sorts of ways to analyze, ponder, and think soulfully. I enjoy your blog and all you are offering! Thank you for finding me.

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