Day Three of Aromatherapy Auditing

Sevilla has orange trees everywhere.

Earth Day was the ending date of the level one aromatherapy class I audited over the weekend. The hour long meditation we participated in that morning had a very strong mother earth involvement, unlike any I have felt before. It is always an honor to respect, send love and gratitude to the being (she is very much alive scientifically and metaphysically) who struggles every moment to take care of all of us, regardless of any belief system humans have. Mother earth does a fantastic job, my wish is for everyone to become more respectful towards nature and one another. If anything, taking an aromatherapy class makes a tree hugger out of you for sure!

The Secret Life of Plants
The Secret Life of Plants                 Christopher Bird

4-22-12 A brief break down of the secret life of plants… Body language is a representation of how we feel inside. The unspoken messages we are communication with one another has a lot to do with how we truly feel about that particular subject or topic being discussed. Let’s look at how a plant (bush, tree) talks to us. What conversation are they having with us after all of our years not fully listening to them? If a particular part of the plant was harvested for distilling to make an essence, what could we expect it to assist us with? An orange tree needs specific things to grow up big and strong, we basically need the same things for a healthy life. Though the leaves, oxygen and nutrition is taken in. If that part of the tree was made into an essence chances are it will help improve our body’s respiratory system along with emotionally problems preventing us to fully inhale life. The inner wood of the tree would assist heart issues because it is the center structure of the tree. The bark would represent our skin (as it is the tree’s). An orange, the fruit of the tree, has vitamins, nourishment for our bodies. The rind, peel is protection for the fruit and the essence will help with the body’s immune system while energetically assisting us with personal defense. Seeds represent a new beginning or is reflective of how to deal with a core problem. Now take a look at how the plant (bush, tree) holds itself. Aromatherapy helps to bring more awareness to becoming more flexible, grounding yourself, reaching up high. The flower’s colors indicate symbolism and additional benefits too, don’t overlook that detail. The characteristics of the flower, how it presents itself is another association important to healing physical and mental issues. This is a quick interpretation of conversations available when we choose to listen to the plant kingdom. A brief overview of the myriad of possibilities aromatherapy can help one defeat to regain a healthier, natural life.

After many hours of learning, sampling, sharing, smelling, applying, talking and holding consultation with other students, it was our turn to go ahead and pick an essence for ourselves. There are over 200 bottles to choose from. Someone had chosen the one I was planning t0 take back with me and mediate on, so I had to use my intuition and approach the task the way I should of. Closing my eyes, I took a deep breath in, held it for a few seconds exhaled and opened up my eyes and reached out without over annualizing the situation.

The key message from the weekend’s adventure is to listen. Be still and listen. Observe and interpret. Abolish, diminish, expel fear and embrace love. There is no need to second guess, trust and you will always do the right thing. Support is abundant, just ask because it can come to you from many angles.

12 thoughts on “Day Three of Aromatherapy Auditing

  1. I have enjoyed immensely reading your blog. As a writer I know you will understand if I am absent from making comments for a couple of months. I have two books I’m writing and the push is on to get them finished…so with only 24 hours in the day, I am going to continue to read and like, but my comments will be limited to replies for those who comment on my blog…thanks for the grace.

    Be encouraged!

  2. Stephen, thank you for your time. PLEASE don’t feel or believe I expect you to comment often. I’m happy with you following the blog and would like you to post when it moves you.

    Writing does take time and not all material sings to a reader. I’ll click like or make comments here and there on blogs that draw me in or pull out a response. I’m just tickled that people are calling me a “writer”, cracks me up!

  3. Thanks T, the 3 day writing marathon will most likely be a rare event on this blog. I’m in awe how you post so often. Think I’ll stay with the one per week blogging, ha.

  4. Thanks Fey! I had to take liberties and push the post to the next day, tough to keep up with the writing. To be honest, Sunday was a big TV night and I crashed afterwords, wink.

  5. Why thank you Fay! I’m happy to be using essential oils again. Actually, I smell like Marigolds at the moment. Hives are an issue with me and Tagetes are reputed to help with skin problems.

  6. Tomorrow (5-2-2012) is the day that you inspired my post. See your words at the bottom and a link to your blog. I hope you get some new visitors to your site.

  7. Thanks Fay, I appreciate the networking. I get the sense that WordPress is more of a community than a competition and your sharing is proof of that.

  8. I love your post. I hits some problem at work and reading your post gave me some inspiration. Anyway. really enjoy reading your blog.

  9. Thank you 🙂 after a reread of the blog I was wondering if it was the ending you are referring to?

    “The key message from the weekend’s adventure is to listen. Be still and listen. Observe and interpret. Abolish, diminish, expel fear and embrace love. There is no need to second guess, trust and you will always do the right thing. Support is abundant, just ask because it can come to you from many angles.”

    I have been struggling with weight gain over the past year and have finally asked for help from the “up stairs team” (that is how my friend refers to her guardians, angels and guides). Because I’m listening better and noticing the signs, I have more awareness as to how I’m failing and where I can improve with my diet and exercise.

    If you were interested in some essences, please contact me and we can discuss in more detail, IF you would like some human help too 🙂

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