My take on magic wands.

For the past few years, I’ve conducted wand making workshops. The store where I’m offering my home-based workshops would like a demonstration of how to use a wand in energy work. Next month I will be holding a workshop introducing wand work to people who are interested. I plan on bringing the handout I give to the making group and will use that as my blue index cards. I would like to make it very causal with lots of participation, actually this is how I conduct many of my workshops. Below is a writing on wands and pretty close to what one would expect from attending.

I crafted my own wand because I wanted one and could not find any that seemed right for me, as simple as that. I don’t belong to a specific religious group or craft, I wanted something that would amplify my wishes and needed a wand.

 In my bag of White Sage there was a stem about 7 inches long. I found it by unraveling one of my sage bundles. That seemed to be the perfect base for a wand, especially since White Sage has clearing properties and would be beneficial to keep the wand clear at all times. I am against using glue (another reason for not purchasing in shops) therefore beads would be strung and wrapped around. Looking through my life long bead collection I chose ones I loved, making sure a variety was incorporated ensuring the most magic and beauty a wand could contain.

“What can you use a wand for?” is a common question I’m asked. Again, the answer is simple, “What ever your heart desires!” I use the wand above to make wishes. When I need support, the wand travels with me. Sitting on the kitchen window sill fills the wand with energy and sparkles when the sun hits it just right. My wands make me happy and feeling special. Taking aim at what I’m striving to achieve is more doable with a wand in hand.

There are several I have crafted for myself and several I have given as gifts, along with consigning them. All are unique, even those that seem to be similar in color or structure had a different feeling about them. I have developed a wand making workshop, none of those are quite the same either. The amazement and joy I get from hosting a workshop or adorning a tree branch is something to be experienced because it’s difficult to put it into words. I’ve tried to give descriptions for advertising and have worked on signage for displays but it really is something to participate in to get the full understanding.

A list of my personal wands to date:

My First Wand     (rewrapped once cause of a life lesson learned)

Ancestor Wand   (adorned with button collections of women present and past)

Fairy Wand          (sparkles, shimmers and dangling chip stones)

Quarts Point Wand     (nickname, The Amplifier)

ChakraWand       (Rainbow chip stones and glass seed beads)

Elemental-Series-Wands  (Earth, Fire and Water are completed)

25 thoughts on “My take on magic wands.

  1. Ah, my mother and aunt always wanted to make their own! Wonderful article… I wonder if you’re in one of their areas… ♥

  2. Aw, drats… Good to know, though! They’re a bit south (and west). Although, perhaps I could rally a roadtrip when I visit with them in October… 🙂

  3. I know nothing of the metaphysical arts except the little I’ve learned through yoga and t’ai chi, but love your wands. Now it makes me wonder whether I could make a walking stick as a sort of wand. Once the doctor finally let’s me start taking walks again (that has to happen SOME day, doesn’t it), I’ll probably need a cane for awhile. A personalized walking stick would be even better.

  4. I have a stick that could be considered a walking stick. It’s propped up against the front door and hasn’t done much walking but looks really pretty. My father in law gave it to me and said, “Here, I found this stick for you!” so I threaded some large glass beads onto a wire and wrapped the stick that day.
    Walking Stick

  5. That is very kind of you, thank you.
    I have made so many over the years and taken pictures of many but feel comfortable showing the ones that are “mine”. A lot of work does go into them. Even the ones that feel like they are thrown together take hours and end up being very powerful.

  6. Amazing. I think i will have to make my own- We often have sticks left over from the distillation process when we are making white sage essential oil and hydrosols – if you were interested in getting more white sage sticks for wands, I am sure the cost would be low plus packaging and shipping.

  7. Ah, essential oils! I’ve taken the level one aromatherapy with Wisdom of the Earth out of AZ. I am interested in dealing with other brands and would enjoy looking at your website or hearing more about your distillation process. I’ll be sending you an Email shortly.

    Edit to add… I went to your website and just may place an order in the next few days 🙂
    If you would like to see the White Sage wand, please look at my other blog post.

  8. Just placed an order with you folks. Seems like you are doing right by mother nature 🙂 thank you for the care and respect given to the earth and animal kingdom 🙂

  9. Oh, this is fabulous! I am so happy I landed here! I will try this. I am very affected by tree branches. You have opened up a door for me. I also collect stones in the woods.

  10. Glad you are here too! There is no wrong way to make a wand and I know it will come out beautiful. The best part, you will want to make another soon after the first one!

  11. Now, I wish you could wrap my staff! I did put a crystal on top of it and tied a ribbon at the bottom. But yours looks lovely! Still loving the grounding wand I got from you.

  12. I created an Elder Wand when I lived on the mid-north coast of New South Wales. I wandered through our local Natural Park, which had been envisaged by an Aboriginal Elder of the area, got lost and found just the right long, heavy stick for the wand. Then I decorated it with items from my family, ancestors and friends. Sadly I had to dismantle it when I moved to North Cyprus but it would have been fine as a walking stick. Here I’ve created a personalised Medicine Shield, with many of the items I used in Australia.

  13. OH! How exciting! Thank you for sharing a story with wands! I’m going to look around your blog to see if you wrote something about the Medicine Shield.

    It has been over a year since I have crafted a wand. Lately, I’ve been thinking about pulling out my beads and line to make some. Most likely before the year is over, I will add some to share along with adding to my personal collection.

  14. You are welcome! I will be writing another blog on wands in the coming months. Have fun with the wand (chopsticks) sure you will come to notice a difference when waved outside in your woodlands verses in your home. The magic is stronger outdoors.

  15. No, the type of quartz is new to me WG. Thank you for sharing the information.

    With the minerals I choose, I prefer raw specimens but I have a large collection of tumbled. I don’t particularly have a favorite nor is there one gem I’ll goto quicker than another. Today I used all of the common Quartz points during an energy session today. To be honest, it was the first time I did a full body grid on a person. I know I have some phantom quartz in the mix along with twins and others with special qualities. It just doesn’t seem to matter to me. Of course, no disrespect to the quartz or anyone’s opinion or the practical purpose for acquiring and using the beauties.

    Something becoming crystal clear to me is, the intention of “x” matters the most. There are rocks a plenty, followed by class, clarity, mixture, location, to name a few characteristics sought by collectors. I have slowed down my buying and wait till I hear a voice (intuition) and typically buy that one, waving there, over in the corner, two rows back, more towards the center. Ha! it gets a little kookie sometimes (who am I kidding, all of the time!).

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