Benefits of a Reiki Grid


I have set up two recently and marvel at the power generated from placing quartz crystals in a pattern and drawing Reiki symbols over them (usually done with a wand). Because of my relationship with the mineral kingdom, I typically add other gems to the grid. Each set up is uniquely different. I always have a fun time communicating with the crystals and learning who wants to go where and how the energy should flow by adjusting points and positions. The Antahkarana Symbol (above) is the base for the crystals with other mineral friends joining in and placed here and there.

When I feel the personalized grid is at it’s peak, I take a picture to share with the individual who requested the remote Reiki treatment. For respect of privacy, I do not share any of these photos on social media. Therefore, you probably have not seen this aspect of my energy work I adore. I would be happy to set one up on your behalf! The grid is great for energy balancing, wiggling out stagnancy within our systems, shifting inner focus, healing wounds known and unrealized, giving extra pep to our bodies, and of course many other pieces not fully recognized to assist us to become greater.

Edit adding in February 2018 to share more information on my grid development and set up, please know change is very important with energy work. Nature does not stay the same, life does not stay the same, methods alter and switch. Over the years, I’ve used different designs other than the Antahkarana which I originally learned with. Other metaphysical tools have come in and out of grid set-ups with sound (vibration) being a notable addition to this remote work. A detailed write up and pictures are sent to you daily for as long as the grid is active (minimum of 3 days).

7 thoughts on “Benefits of a Reiki Grid

  1. I learnt about reiki grids when I did my Master level. I’ve got a lovely set of crystals bought especially to set one up but I haven’t done it yet. You’ve inspired me to set one up 🙂

  2. They are fun! No two grids have been set up the same for me. Of course there is a general basis I follow but other than that, the crystals typically come forward and let me know when and where to add them.
    I look forward to following you and reading about your journey with the mineral kingdom.

  3. My mum is a crystal healer so she sets up some amazing configurations. I’ve tended to only choose crystals to meditate with or hold/have around me when I feel I need their energies. I used to use a rose quartz pendulum for reiki but after I was attuned to Master level it literally stopped working for me – my teacher said I no longer needed it…was very strange!

    Your blog is great – some really informative posts. Looking forward to reading more 😀

  4. Yes! The hardest for me to accept is when a beloved mineral drops or a stone cracks for whatever reason. Sometimes it is science with gravity causing the plummet to the ground and sometimes it’s an energy shift changing something up, which maybe true in your case.

    I have also brought rocks with me (out to an event or something of the like) and ended up passing them along (gifting) to another. There have been times when I cry on the way home because my favorite sphere rolls on over to live with someone I’ve only met an hour ago. I have come to accept the middle person title for many gems. I have also learned to not bring my prized beauties with me to workshops, just in case!

  5. I’m happy to be the person to introduce you better to the technique and other ways to use the energy.
    Reiki has been gaining momentum since the late 80’s here in the states. Many hospitals now a days have Reiki volunteers visiting patients. I belong to two hospitals as a Reiki practitioner.
    You are welcome to ask me any questions. I do have a write up here on the blog with a quick rundown on a typical energy session with me. I wrote it to help familiarize people with what to expect the first time. I mention this in case you wanted to learn more about Reiki or other forms of energy work.

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