Without Voice-boxes Come Voices from Nature


My relationship with the mineral kingdom keeps on growing as I learn more and develop my bond with nature. Each day I learn more of who I am, deep within my soul. Several months ago, a video was brought to my attention of a boy (aged 7) talking about crystals grids. I watched the video with tears in my eyes from the amazement of knowledge he spoke with. HIs relationship with rocks was similar to mine, the difference was he talked so openly and freely about it where as I tend to keep to myself. He has gotten a lot of recognition and developed his voice as more videos have been recorded. I’m sure you will enjoy looking up articles and events he is part of. Adam, The Crystal Grid Maker, has helped me realize the conversations or inner truths do happen as easily as we breath.

3 thoughts on “Without Voice-boxes Come Voices from Nature

  1. Yes, I could not agree more on all your points. Adam has an easy way about him. Hope his demeanor will stay the same as he grows up and his ego stays in check because he is getting a lot of attention. I do look forward to following him throughout the months. Fun stuff!

  2. I hope he will remain open to his gifts. Children are so hard on one another- especially those who are different and more sensitive. Let him keep his openness and confidence in what he knows 😉 Best wishes, WG

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