Things that Bring You Comfort, Metaphysically Speaking (part two)


The easiest comfort qualifier, filled with love comes from our childhood. Most likely you still have something, a stuffed animal or a blanket you once held close when you were an infant. Cute nick names are often given to prized possessions setting them apart from other common cuddles. As you aged, that wooby or Mr. Flopsy got a little ragged yet gained more importance over the months.

Any item can be infused with love, regardless of the material it is made out of. Of course some compounds are easier permeated allowing the emotion to carry throughout; an example being cotton verses plastic. Gifts of stuffed animals or homemade blankets tend to be the goto items of our early days. Our caretakers recognize the soothing that happens when we are given our favorite. The softness of a worn blanket against a cheek or covering our little bodies is just the right remedy for what ails us emotionally. Love is an energy which weaves around items not lost on the children who feel and see so effortlessly.

Do you still have something from the toddler years?

2 thoughts on “Things that Bring You Comfort, Metaphysically Speaking (part two)

  1. I love this. I have my first teddy wearing my first baby-gro!
    I also have a number of keepsakes gifted to me by special people which sit on my altar nestled amongst my crystals. Imbued with love and sending out love too. Love and light to you K x

  2. Wonderful!
    I still have my baby blanket but it’s in a pillow case because of the condition it’s in.

    By the way, I finished editing the third and final part yesterday (will blog for Friday). We are close to using the same words regarding the amplification of our treasures.

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