Things that Bring You Comfort, Metaphysically Speaking (part three)


Jewelry tends to be worn in close contact with one’s body. This personal connection is different from a stuffed animal’s power yet not do not think it any less. Many of us want to hold something to trigger a memory or receive comfort, typically from a person who has passed on. Objects are further given positive reinforcement by our need to feel love. When jewelry is handed down by generations it carries unique energies stemming from the original owner. A blend of old traditions, beliefs, blood lines, journeys, all enabling the heirloom to become an evolving mastery of life.

These comfort items will always encapsulate the intentions granted onto them for as long as they are in existence. I like to think when I parted with my childhood stuffed animals, the love inside melted down, into the earth. If my cloth companions got incinerated I wished the smoke and vapors blended with the air. As I unpack boxes featuring my ancestors glassware, the importance and pride is not lost on me. Jewelry shared from my mother makes me feel stronger in my core either wearing or simply looking at the gems. Since everything is energy, why not always build an energetic wave in a positive manor? Keep or send comfort things away with love and joy always.

10 thoughts on “Things that Bring You Comfort, Metaphysically Speaking (part three)

  1. Thank you for your additional report. I am sure it’s one reason the ask is in place.

    Hotel mattresses really bother me. It is imperative for me to clear out a bed’s mattress. A trip to Germany solidified this ritualistic habit. Last year’s Ireland’s vacation had me blessing the bed with sage essence before we turned in for the night.

  2. Beautiful! I especially love this turn of phrase: “enabling the heirloom to become an evolving mastery of life.”

    I once received some heirloom candlesticks that belonged to a long deceased couple (a wedding gift they received many decades ago). That union however was not a happy one, quite the opposite, and the husband was thought to be a difficult and troubled man. A shaman once told me that this husband’s spirit continues to linger in my home.

    What would you do with such a gift? Ritual cleaning? Sea salt? Sage?

  3. Thank you for the kind words. I’m honored to be asked my opinion about your situation. I have learned over the years, a clearing can be as simple or as elaborate as you would like it to be.

    What medium are you used to using (please don’t say salt) and work with that. Meditate (think) on the situation and imagine the outcome you would like. Wish all parties the best with strength and love going forward. Yes, it should be that simple and easy to change up something unbeneficial.

    Remember, a lot of people have suggestions and ways to interpret situations. Use your best judgement always.

  4. Thank you! That is very helpful. I have been using sea salt – I read it somewhere on the internet :/ I didn’t know any better. Is salt bad? ineffective?

  5. Salt is a metaphysical power house. The mineral also corrodes metal and alters other mediums. You are right to incorporate salt to purify but be aware of what it can do physically too.

    Way too many times I have dunked a rock into a bowl of water to clear it, only to watch it dissolve because it was water soluble. I have also damaged rocks when I didn’t listen to my instincts and submerged them in salt water.

    What I’m doing now is reconsidering situations and what I choose to do regarding clearing. Honestly, a prayer spoken with love is just as good as sprinkling salt or smudging. The tools are helpful but not necessarily, necessary.

  6. So many things in my life have subsequently become personal talismans and amulets. It seems that the most unintentional things become the most intentional over time. I find myself wearing bracelets all the time. Either something I’ve bought because it speaks to me, or something i’ve been gifted. At first it has no real metaphysical significance, but over time it takes on a life and aura of its own. I can feel its power and it calls to people. The same thing happens with clothing. It reminds me that magic is such a natural, everyday action.

  7. Have to start with it was pure joy to reply and see the silly Cookie Monster opening picture. Thank you for the smile this morning!
    I just got through spending about 2 hours on the computer, researching a Disney vacation I’m about to spend with 5 people (four of them children) who have never been to Walt Disney World before. I would often pause and look at my wrists to gaze at the stone chip bracelets I’m wearing. A lot of blue today is wrapped around giving me extra attention to my mind, voice, and wellbeing. Counted those bracelets and there is a total of seven! Full day about to begin (away from the computer) and guessing I will be needed all the help I can get, ha?
    I am happy you resonate with the words I have written from about a year ago. I hold this blog very high in importance and grinning while rereading your message.
    Thank you and continue to feel, notice, and share the magic in all objects both new and old. XO

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