Shamanism, a Brief Overview


Shamanism teaches us how to use gifts nature has to offer. Nature, the oldest teacher and constant example of life, growth, inspiration, beauty, determination, and manufacturing energy. Everything has something special to share and this includes which we cannot see with the naked eye. The plants, rocks, space, elements, and animals do influence how we act and feel, so turning to them to assist us with healing will alter our well being for a better life and world. Be respectful and mindful of how you treat every part of nature. Friendships are important during all parts of our cycles.

8 thoughts on “Shamanism, a Brief Overview

  1. Thank you. I find a nod in appreciation is sometimes all I can do somedays. Acknowledgement goes a long way, we notice this when smiling at a stranger we walk by. Making eye contact matters when talking about love.

  2. I think i was able to make someone feel a bit better tonight by asking a person how he is doing. He is a security guard in our home area and he seemed so lonely to me. You can see it in his eyes. Just stopped to talk to him for a while. I hope i made a difference no matter how small

  3. I’m sure the communication did make a difference for that person. Seems as though it did shift something in you, which I honor. — I was particularly chatty when I was at a few stores today, believe your comment helped me to be more friendly today too. Thank you!

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