Opportunity Through Ritual

One of the ways I can tell that energy has shifted around me is the dramatic change within my body. The reaction comes across as a wave of dizziness right to the point of nauseousness. 

During a causal smudge Instagram opportunity, I set an intention. The goal was to have a few pictures for posting/teaching/advertising/demonstrating the practice of using smoke from herbs to move out what is not necessary. Little did I know, as the smoldering leaves continued to burn, whatever had glommed onto my field was banished, exiting with such forceful gusto it left me spinning.

Always, take a moment to center and ground. Be appreciative by recognizing. Honor, giving respect to all around you. Thankfulness sharing joy, uplifting those in your circle… seen plus the unseen. 

2 thoughts on “Opportunity Through Ritual

  1. This happens to me often, especially when referencing nature. Herbs have long been the medicine of the world. I’ve held Mother Earth of the highest regard with a nod of being a part of the universe. Thank you for the further blessing.

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