The Many Faces of Water

There is an outlet (drain) near the little patch of woods by my condo. I grew up with a small stream behind the house with an overflow pond to the side. Nothing like moving water to create a sense of life with all of the wonders it brings.

The weather has been warm this winter giving us rain but then the temperatures drop causing a freeze. Not long enough or cold enough for ice blocks to solidify but rather a crust is formed on shallow water.

I wanted to share captures of ice in various stages of freezing with you!

5 thoughts on “The Many Faces of Water

  1. I know, right! Going back a few decades, I brought my 35mm film camera to the local nature preserve. That year’s winter lent some impressive pictures of slow moving brooks. The ice reminded me of that period in my life.

  2. It’s fantastic to get this message. I have been working with my wand again this week. I appreciate the memory. I know that little stream very well!!! Miss You, Bis

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