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On Facebook, there are a few more days to get your qualifying entry in to win one of 5 wands! With every like, share, and sentence comment within a 24 hours of the status post, your name will be added. This event is going on till the end of April.

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February is Love Month!


For the calendar’s L-O-V-E month, I thought I would offer up a caring deal for those of you seeking energy work.

There are a few choices you have for taking me up on a reduced session this month. Being local to CT makes holding a face to face meeting something we can plan for. I wrote about what to expect from spending an hour with me on WordPress several years back. Every experience is different as is every time we work together. I have changed my craft but the base, the main components are still the same. What you may find different with me verses other practitioners you have encountered is my willingness to listen to my intuition, guides, and guest speakers.

If travel around Connecticut U.S.A is not in your future, please know there are other ways we can communicate sending healing energies your way. Everyone, no matter where they live or what extra time their calendar allows can benefit from remote work. Energy is free flowing. We know it works well through power lines being noticeable throughout our landscape with large power stations and transformers. Like radio waves, broadcasting or beaming healing energy shares a similar movement though the air. I wrote a short piece on this blog recently about the Reiki practice of formulating a grid. Another way to transmit messages and helpful inspirations is though shaman journeying.


Either way you choose energy work, I am sure you will find it fun and helpful on many levels. If interested, I can go into more detail in the comments area. Please know we can chat privately by Email too.

An Ask on Facebook’s Blue Aventurine Page

Keeping up with my shaman practices, I wanted to do a journey today and figured I would ask the people on Facebook if they had a question I could seek an answer to. Nothing personal but a broad ask that everyone could benefit from. Two separate journey’s were done with the responses I received. The messages were important enough to share here too.

Blue Aventurine, Disney

The first question was combined from two people, revolved around the state of the earth. More specific, Mother Earth’s rumblings of late. What should the light-workers be doing to better serve the earth? How to go about patching up the great divide and or confusion over how we (human race) can best serve our communities and the earth?

I did a half hour upper and lower world journey to bring back a message. To be honest, I have a hard time tapping into the earth. Not because of the lack of love, compassion, and yearning to do right by her but more so the pain and turmoil endured by mother nature is felt deeply in my core. My connection to the earth is strong and respectful. The answers to the questions were not surprising to me and I’m betcha you already know in your core what the replies will be.

Beginning in the lower world, I met up with my power animal. We went to a place green and lush to rest near a small clear body of water. This was a reflecting pool where we thought about our lives and the impact on others, including nature. In my opinion, focusing on our actions (what we do) will bring help easily to and for the earth. This can be obtained with little effort on our part if we always come from a place of love. Reflection is important within and without to move forward smartly, for everyone and everything concerned.

Animals are very much so being effected and affected regarding the health of nature. Turning to our pets or witnessing activity of outdoor wildlife holds messages from the earth. Take time to sit, watch and listen to surroundings.

Moving from the lower world to the upper with my power animal, several minutes passed to show me a better definition of  balance. This state of flux is always in play. For every good there is a bad. This is necessary and natural to occur in nature. The balance needs to be continual, perpetual. Nature has always lived this way and will keep on shifting to benefit earth’s well being. We cannot and will never fool mother nature, she is way to smart and should not be toyed with.

BA Gambling with pennies

The second shaman journey from a Facebook suggestion was to ask, how can we end the disparity between the haves and the have-nots in our world? How can we reframe our value system? Example, sports and entertainment celebrities are not exorbitantly over valued verses teachers, social or other public workers?

This time I went straight to the upper world for an answer from my spirit guide. My hand was quickly held and lead over to a table to play chess. This symbolism was to demonstrate how calculating and involved the topic of money can be to the masses. The next vision shown was a controlling dam holding back water. Steadily the water breached the dam and the current found a different route to get to where it wanted to go despite the obstacle. There is power in money, force and pressure too. It  is best to let money go where it needs to go. The path of least resistance is always best!

When I asked again about money, a blackboard appeared in grammar school fashion. Education is the way to level out the financial playing field. Not only for the up and coming adults but for us adults right now. Use what you can to educate yourself and others. Allow money discrepancies to be brought out into the open, thus helping to bring a balance for fairness and justice for all to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle.

The journeys are always filled with symbolism. Perhaps a word or two will strike a cord with you and create a different interpretation than how I understood the visions. Happy to continue the conversation in comments always!

Yes, I See You: A Continuation

Now that it (best word to use at the moment) had my attention I needed to take some type of action in order for it not to affect me or come home with me. What was missing from the house clearing was the owners permission… I don’t like to do metaphysical things without getting consent first. My general default is, if it’s an emergency it is OK to continue, regardless. This situation was close enough to flashing red lights and since I knew the owners of the house I was more comfortable with preceding. Also I planned to tell the homeowner (3rd part to the story) about what I was experiencing and did, making the ordeal more acceptable to my conduct code rules.

I’ve learned over the years when dealing with the unseen world, you have to be smarter than what you are dealing with. One of my sources for advice is the color series, Andrew Lang’s Fairy Books and tend to reflect on the tales for assistance. I believe there are reasons myths, lore and rituals have stayed in circulation as long as they have. These ancient stories serve as a type of handbook for many things macabre or otherwise. Using my learned knowledge in conjunction with experiences, was what I was drawing from at this point. The entity was acting in a way to be disruptive, making sure I knew it was around (which is kind of like looking to pick a fight) coupled with presenting itself to my mind’s eye as a cute adult Jim Henson creation. This mixture developed quickly into a situation needing to be addressed presently and not dismissed for another time. Another “red light” was I had 2 more hours left in the cleaning job and I was not going to share the space any longer with this thing.

I began setting the intention for all that is unbeneficial to leave (typical in house clearing practices) and quickly realized I needed to call on another person for help. I believe it is very important to listen to your gut’s instinct while conducting energy work and wasn’t going to brush this feeling off. I left a message on my allies Facebook page as a heads up instead of physically calling, it was early and I didn’t want to bother her. Any type of communication is good, it all depends on the level of support desired, the FB wall post was good enough. There is something called a higher self and that connection was made quickly between us but I wanted to make sure her physical self knew of the task at hand for good balance. A few minutes later she replied on FB. Since I knew she was awake, I physically called her… I needed more support than I thought a moment ago. “Trust your gut and listen to those inner voices” is the pep cheer I was not ignoring. The phone call would make the bond stronger, power in numbers you know plus the camaraderie would help me be more courageous.


We talked on the phone for about 20 minutes. A few minutes was on house clearing, confirming what I was picking up on and her* concurring with the remaining minutes being typical women chatting on the phone. Yep, feather dusting, talking and ushering out bad juju was all done during that time. Multi tasking is a favorite past time of mine, ha. Energy work does not need to be all arm waving and long elaborate theatrical productions. In other words, not giving anymore attention to it but continuing with a mental removal for the house is fine. There were two of us, aware that it needed to “go to the light and leave” was understood plus we have been doing this type of stuff for years, simple enough. We ended our conversation, said goodbye and I finished dusting the first floor while continuing with some extra mental house clearing. I wanted to make sure I covered the bases and didn’t miss anything.

Now to finish my job, what I was called over to accomplish. Grabbed my cleaning basked and headed up to the second floor. As I was climbing the stairwell the uneasy feeling started again. “You have got to be kidding me!” I said out loud… well maybe that wasn’t a direct quote but close enough, ha! Making sure of what I was picking up with my psychic senses, I spent about 10 minutes (while physically cleaning) double checking things and tapping deeper into what I was contending with. I realized we had removed the gate keeper, not very comforting regarding how big this thing was. There were two crystal clear choices before me, either leave (not exactly the Amityville GET OUT! but a distant cousin) or cure the situation, now. This explained why I got the internal “green light” from the get-go to treat the day with an emergency waver stamped approved. A word to the wise, don’t ignore your instincts in many situations. You are smart enough to tap in and listen to advice coming from a higher loving source, don’t let it get to a third and fourth whisper, act sooner than later.

Remember how I just got through writing about stereotypical theatrics? Well, that’s the next mandatory level. I’m much more comfortable doing house clearings solo because I never know what I’m going to be guided to do. I was hoping to bypass the arm waving but to be honest, it is necessary to become animated for a stronger affect based on the set intention. I attempt to dispel the Hollywood stereotypical depiction of ghost busting and anything that paints healing abilities in a negative, uneducated way. Practice is the key for just about anything actually, the more you do, the better you become and more prepared for different situations. Remember how I mentioned folk lore? Well, that stuff isn’t as untrue as one might expect. A cloak will help protect the individual from negativity, a tool to direct or assist in the task and voice, spells if you will. These are my three main have to haves when conducting (think for a moment what makes up a an orchestra’s performance magnificent). Since I set out to do something totally different from why I had to do now. I needed to create an altered reality, use my imagination like I did when I was a child.


I knew when the time was right (because of listening to my gut) dropped what I was doing and gravitated to a place on the second floor that was perfect for the clearing. I went over with a smirk because it happened to be the house’s balcony. As I walked to my mark, I pretended I was emerging from my dressing room and cloaked myself with a majestic cape made from the finest material, bedazzled in all the right places. I needed to “Elvis” the situation because it was a go grand or go home situation. The ritual of calling on all of those who are of light and love, my guardians, saints, ascended masters, guardian angels, ancestors and asking for assistance was underway. A few more steps and it was show time, focused concentration and energetically opening up in a way to ensure the proper script to come through. For me, it’s very much like a lecture of sorts. I’m carful to make eye contact with everyone, speak in a clear strong voice and believe in the message being presented. No, I don’t recall what I said for the five minutes for several reasons but it was similar to, “Hello and welcome, thank you for joining me today. We are here to move out what is unbeneficial so the homeowners can dwell  with relaxation and happiness. I command those that are not of love to go into the light to find peace, a peace to bring joy to you so the homeowners can live their lives without disturbances.” I tend to repeat the original sentiments in various ways depending on what is noticed psychically adding in some physical gestures for good measure. The closing happens with blessings along with hugs and kisses to those who helped. This is my favorite part because the feeling of love is overwhelming for me, such a pleasure and honor on my part. I am forever in awe and grateful for this sensation.

*A cat named “K” was another party involved in the concurring for the continuation for ghost-busting. Yes, only initials for now, I’ll add a link once my friend starts her blog on WP with her furry daughter. They are a dynamic duo for sure!