Wands & Bracelets

White Sage Wand

My crafting and love of nature has brought me to design magic wands. For years I had been looking for a wand but could not find one that resonated with me. The choices I came across were either glued, bulky, or lifeless. Nature is not held together artificially, change is a component I believe should be part of any magical tool. Once while walking outside, I noticed a branch on the ground seemly yearning for my attention. This new partner and I went inside, where I found my mineral beads and wrapped them around the branch. A wand was created out of a mutual respect, a friendship had begun.

Wearing rocks makes a difference in ones attitude and overall wellbeing. I will choose bracelets to assist me in what I am preparing to experience during my day. The power of the mineral kingdom does matter. A thought out combination of stones will energize, expand, and enhance what the wearer is looking to achieve.

You can find wands and bracelets for sale on my Etsy Shop.

4 thoughts on “Wands & Bracelets

  1. What a beautiful wand 😉 I did something similiar several years ago by wrapping strung crystals (on gold plated wire) around chopsticks 😉 But I finally found and ‘fell in love with’ my own proper wand at the end of summer. What advice can you offer for working with a wand? I love that you found the piece of wood first and then crafted this beautiful and powerful piece. Best wishes and giant hugs, WG

  2. If you enjoy exploring rock shops for crystals and specimens, I highly–HIGHLY–recommend a trip to Eggers Lapidary on the outskirts of Golden, Colorado, when you find yourself in that lovely state later this year.

    When I was in my collecting phase about a decade ago, I pretty much lived there. They had unbeatable prices, an amazing ability to attract rare quartz formations in the shipments they got, and a friendly, casual layout that rambles through half a house and out into the back yard (rock yard). Plus, JoAnn and her husband are sweethearts who are fond of saying: “Rock people are good people.”

    The energy of the place is completely relaxing. It’s very much a come-as-you-are and stay-as-long-as-you-like kind of store. There is none of that standoffish, “Are you gonna buy that or not?” attitude so often felt in flashy, modernized metaphysical shops. They also carry jewelry and rockworking accessories, last I knew.


  3. OMG! OMG! Please know I am hopping back and forth. (Yes, I am that good at typing!)

    Renting a car and will try very hard to make the stop. I will mention you when we walk through the doors.

    Now I know a blog or three will come from the CO trip!

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